Blessed Births

Rebbetzin Joan Bernhard

This day of Shavuot, the time of the giving of our Torah (Yom Tov Amidah for Shavuot)

(חג השבועות הזה זמן מתן תורתנו (תפילת שבועות

Perhaps those of us who have been privileged to give birth on Shavuot feel an extra connection to the chag.

The excitement of a new baby; the blessing; the challenge; the gratitude.

The concern – how to get it right.

How to raise the child with the same dedication and commitment to Torah as those who stood at Mount Sinai.

Hopefully these children will be blessed to embrace, accentuate and strengthen Torah.

As Jews the world over were celebrating and recognising the birth of Torah, these kids entered this world.

May each and every one of them be a credit to Hashem and His Torah.

Happy Birthday to all the Shavuot babies.


from one of the moms.

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